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Holmes Halls (Processors) Limited is committed to doing its part to protect the environment. Processes in the manufacturing use modern procedures and chemicals in order to minimize any impact, this is coupled with all waste from the factory being treated prior to discharge.  
All liquid effluent from the site is processed through a recently extended and modernized treatment plant, which incorporates both  KWI (Krofta) Supracell DAF unit with an ADT unit (shown above) capable of very efficient solids removal, these removed solids can then be dewatered using Centriquip centrifuges down to around 65% moisture for disposal. Along with other treatments the spent tanning liquors are treated independently of other liquors to reduce metal content of the final discharge. Upon leaving the effluent plant the final discharge is monitored continuously using a Pulsonic Aqualogger (Flow data logger) and Pulsonic Hydrocell (waste water sampler), it is also laboratory tested to ensure it is well with-in the requirements of the local water authority.


The dewatered solid wastes produced from the effluent treatment DAF plant  have been analysed and deemed suitable for disposal through composting and in the case of the separated tanning solids they can be recycled into a chrome liquor for use in the tanning process.



The fleshings produced from the limed pelt are rendered on site using a Flottweg system to produce tallow which is itself a saleable commodity, the by-products from this operation are water which is transferred to the effluent treatment plant and a solid which is compostable.




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